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Nick's Big Pecs, Part 1


Many years ago when I was a fresh man at college there was this Greek guy by the name of Nick who really became a very good friend of mine. I don't know whether its a genetics thing, but there's something about Greek guys that has them easily able to really develop their bodies at an early age and mature faster than others of the same age. Nick was an early developer and had a body to die for. At eighteen he had the body of a Greek god with the biggest set of overdeveloped pecs I had ever seen. It was not only the girls who were impressed by Nick's outstanding physical development, I can tell you quite a few of the guys were in awe of his physique, especially his chest development. During the day, guys would come up to him and greet him with a pat on the chest rather than on the shoulder or the arm, and their hands would linger momentarily, to test the density of muscle there, the thumb gripping the under portion of his pec to give him a mild squeeze. It didn't seem to matter what kind of top Nick wore, his pecs were always stretching the fabric to the max and showcasing them perfectly. It seemed everyone was interested in copping a feel of Nick's bulging pecs.

In Phys Ed classes, Nick was always held up by our teacher as an example of the perfect sprinter's physique - a huge muscled upper body, with a trim waist and bubble butt, followed by thick tree trunk like thighs and bulging calves. Warm up sessions would often involve short sprints, which Nick would always easily win. The best sessions were when we played basketball, and because there was no way of distinguishing what team you were on, one of the teams was required to play "skins" or shirtless. I reckon the coach more than often picked the team Nick was on to play shirtless because he was interested in copping a look at the sight of Nick's bulging muscles, particularly those over developed breast-like pecs. You can imagine the crowd of onlookers that would seemingly come from nowhere when Nick was on the court. All eyes on his shiny, sweaty breasts bouncing in time to the ball as he ran down the length of the court, finally to rise and finally fall heavily as he jumped and basketed the ball. The guys on his team surrounding him to congratulate his goal, patting and groping his huge heaving pecs.

As I said Nick's whole body was very well developed at an early age. He had particularly thick thighs, a bubble butt and a slim waistline, with just the hint of lingering puppy fat, which extended over his lush but very muscular boy breasts and broad shoulders. One hot day we were at swimming practice at an outdoor pool, and we were waiting for the instructor to arrive. After ten minutes in the hot sun, Nick's big smooth pecs were relaxed and supple, the nipples stretched to the size of silver dollars because of the heat and the weight of his thick muscles. Every movement he made, ever so slight producing a tremor and swaying motion in his boy breasts. I couldn't keep my eyes from ogling the lush golden flesh. As we waited on the grassed area away from the pool, I was trying to think of a way that I could legitimately get a feel of Nick's hunky body, especially his luscious looking pecs. My overactive mind didn't have to think long.

"Hey, let's have some piggy back fights while we're waiting," I suggested.

As it was a game we played regularly in the schoolyard, albeit not semi-naked, there was almost unanimous agreement. The object of the game being to dismount the rider of the opposing horse/rider pair. I teamed up with Nick of course, my good buddy and object of my desire. For all his obvious physical attributes, Nick was by and large, a quiet, shy guy who preferred to follow rather than lead. I suggested that Nick, being the bigger, stronger guy should take the horse role, and I being the slightly lighter guy the rider role. So far, so good, everything was going to plan. Winning or losing was of no great concern to me, although the longer we kept winning I realised, the longer contact I would have with Nick's humpy body.

Nick and I were in the first contest, matched with a couple of smaller but still well muscled guys. Nick was an awesome sight as I mounted his broad back, the thick belts of muscle dancing under his perfect unblemished skin. I marveled how soft it was as I gripped initially his pumped deltoids for support. His big arms gripped my legs just up from the knees and hoisted me to a higher position on his wide back. We were ready to go into battle, and I was ready for some serious groping.

Nick's agility even with my additional weight was amazing. As we moved into contact with our opposition my right hand reached out to grab hold of my rider counterpart. I struggled to dislodge their rider because with bare skins it was difficult to get a hold and maintain it. We were also starting to work up a sweat, making my body tend to slide across Nick's back. The solution to the problem was obvious, and with my left hand I reached over Nick's shoulder and grabbed the biggest handful of fleshy teenage pec you can imagine, marvelling at its fullness. I couldn't have found a better handhold. With such a firm hold, our opponents fell in easy succession. I would occasionally swap my hand over to Nick's other pec. I loved the feeling of cupping that great belt of bouncing muscle as Nick jogged and jostled into position. The sight was not lost on the guys who were spectators, or on our opponents. Nick began getting wolf whistles and comments from the other guys.

"Hey Nick, you need a bra for those tits." "Look at those breasts bouncing about, wish I could have a feel of them." "I bet his tits are bigger than any of the girls!"

Needless to say Nick wasn't too impressed with the comments, and was reluctant to continue the game. He went to where his towel lay and draped it over his wide shoulders and covered his heavy hanging pecs. I told him not to take any notice of them and said they were only jealous their chests were no where as well developed. He half-heartedly agreed but I couldn't help noticing from that day on, Nick was kind of self-conscious about baring his tit muscles around the other guys. I would have to change this and waited for an appropriate opportunity.


Yeah, my buddy Nick was a very hot young guy as well as being a good friend and I wanted to be around him every chance I could. I was round at his place a couple of weeks after the swimming pool incident because his dad had asked him to remove a tree from his backyard and he thought I might be able to give him a hand. Nick's Mum had died in a tragic car accident a couple of years earlier, and his Dad had to work long hours to support the family. Much of the work around the house fell to Nick and his brother Gerry who was two years Nick's junior, but already showing signs of possessing some of Nick's genetic attributes.

When I arrived I was glad to see Nick was on his own and wearing a white body hugging T-shirt which proudly stretched over his awesome big pecs and fat perky nipples, the sleeves having being cut off near the shoulder to accentuate his bulging biceps. We quickly worked out what needed to be done and got on with it. You can imagine cutting, sawing, chopping and digging can be pretty hot and thirsty work especially in the heat of summer and Nick was already starting to show some sweat marks round his armpits and the neckline. I removed my T-shirt to cool down and suggested Nick do the same. I had been watching the movement and play of those big pecs through his T-shirt while he was sawing some branches and was eager to see those heavy slabs uncovered to the light of day. He hesitated at first, looking at me almost pleadingly as if to say, please don't make fun of my tits. After a few moments, the T-shirt came off to reveal a very sexy sight, a hairless young torso with two seemingly overdeveloped pecs with large and prominent dark brown nipples suspended above a taut and relatively trim tummy. I enviously ogled the golden skin covering such a treasure, and said to him.

"That chest of yours is awesome. It's really bulked up over the last few months. What's your secret?"

At my question, Nick looked around furtively, avoiding eye contact with me and went as if to put on his T-shirt again.

"Hey, don't do that." I exclaimed, pulling the shirt from his hands. "You don't try and cover up your best assets. You should be showing them off at every opportunity." Bashfully he raised his downward gaze, and said, "Yeah my Dad says the same thing to me all the time. Part of the reason they're growing so fast is that my Dad insists I follow a strict training and diet program." I pricked up my ears with that statement, but decided to question him on that at a later time.

"Come on, show me how big you can make them. Have you measured your chest size recently?"

Proudly he flexed his pecs together and then separately, one at a time to show the degree of control he had over their movement. He replied that he hadn't but was willing to find out. We decided to take a break from our work while Nick went and found a tape measure from inside the house. All the physical exertion had pumped his muscles to the max and as he sauntered to the back door the bulky boy-breasts set up a sexy heaving motion all of their own that had me instantly hard. When Nick returned I said I would be glad to assist him with the measurement and proceeded to unravel the measure and reach around his wide back finally to bring the end of the measure to the deep space between his thick bulging pecs. After I'd made the measurement of his chest, which was 53" in expanded state and 50" in natural state, I commented that to get a truly accurate picture of the size of his pecs we should measure their depth with a ruler. At this suggestion he remarked that we would need to go to his desk in his bedroom to find one. With that we grabbed our shirts and went inside.

The ruler Nick pulled from his desk was a steel ruler with the marks etched in to the surface. He flexed it a few times then handed it to me indicating I should get on with the measurement. I hesitated for a few moments as I surveyed the scene in front of me. His pecs in a relaxed state appeared quite soft looking and I proceeded to grasp his mammoth right pec with my right hand, marvelling at its fullness, bulk and elasticity, burying my fingers into the relaxed flesh. I did the same with his left pec wondering which I should measure first. I decided to put the ruler down for a moment, deciding it was really a two handed job.

"These tit muscles are incredibly heavy," I said to him, as I cupped their mass in my hands, and appraised their weight, pushing each huge pec mound to the highest point on his chest and letting them plump down. "I wish I had a chest as huge and heavy as this." I said.

An awkward silence followed as I continued to grope his boy-breasts. Nick looked steadily into my eyes and then suddenly tensed his big tit muscles, instantly making them rock hard.

"I'm no woman," he declared and forcefully brushed my hands away from their grip on his breasts.

To further prove his point he challenged me to a submission-wrestling match, there and then in his bedroom. I was surprised with the challenge given that Nick was aware of my wrestling prowess and knew I could beat him whenever I chose. I quickly accepted the challenge knowing this would be another opportunity to feel up that muscle bound body and grab a hold of those heaving boy breasts. As we squared off Nick started to dance on the balls of his feet, the thick muscles in his thighs bunching and relaxing, his heavy pecs rising and falling in time to his dancing. What an incredibly sexy sight! As he danced about I managed to back him into a corner of the bedroom to which he couldn't easily escape. As he bounced about, I reached out with my open hands and teasingly slapped each of his bouncing boy breasts, setting up another tremor of flesh movement in opposition to that already in motion. I drank in the sight becoming increasingly aroused.

"You're going to enjoy this," I said to him as I reached out and grabbed his head, and placing it under my arm proceeded to throw him over my hip, my body landing heavily on his stomach.

A great whoosh of air escaped from Nick's lungs as the weight of my body forced the air from them. He lay quite winded gasping for air, his mighty chest rising and falling. I quickly seized the moment and reached for a singlet lying on his bed to tie his wrists behind his back. There was surprisingly little struggle from Nick who finished up lying with his broad back sitting up against my knees, me in a kneeling position. His great arms lay limply at the side of his prone body, his lungs still gasping for air. His huge pecs hung low on his chest, totally exposed and vulnerable.

Not wasting any time I thrust my right arm over his shoulder and grabbed the bulging boy breast in my hand, squeezing so hard the flesh threatened to ooze through my fingers.

"Hey, not so hard," Nick gasped.

I released the grip only momentarily in order to get a firm hold on both of his enormous sagging breasts. The flesh was more than enough to fill my hands as I molded and kneaded the thick relaxed muscles. Nick moaned, not in pain but in ecstasy as he enjoyed the rough manipulation. I still had plans for Nick as my hard dick threatened to split my shorts. I quickly shucked the shorts releasing my burgeoning penis and pushed Nick onto his back, his boy breasts thrust high on his chest. I straddled Nick's upper torso, my seven-inch throbbing tool lying in the valley between his hefty pecs.

"Look at the size of these tits," I said to him, as I proceeded to mound each of his pecs around my throbbing cock and thrust it back and forth.

As you can imagine it was no time at all before my cock erupted with thick spurts of gism across his chin and neck. As my climax subsided I reached for the steel ruler lying on the bed and started to lightly hit the mounded breast flesh. He moaned with delight with each touch of the cold steel on his hot skin. I sensed I had uncovered one of Nick's little secrets.


In the afterglow of my sexual release I lay beside Nick on the floor, fully aware of Nick's thick as a beer can erection mounding the front of his shorts. I wasn't disposed to release his pent up sexual energy just yet. My rough handling of his boy breasts had considerably reddened his flesh and his fat nipples appeared to be swollen and sat up about a half inch from his meaty pecs. I put the ruler down and lightly massaged the flesh around his nipples, marveling at the softness and resilience. I remained absorbed in this task for several minutes finally mounding and releasing the plump tit flesh. I moved my lips to his huge right tit and began circling the nipple with my tongue, giving it a thorough bath. The salty taste was delicious. My lips finally locked on to his erect nipple and I nipped, teased and sucked it for all I was worth. Nick arched his back in response, thrusting his bulging pec against my hungry lips. I opened my mouth as wide as I could to take in as much of the hot breast flesh as possible, both of my hands moving to the enormous pec to mound the flesh for access to my voracious, sucking mouth. I was in heaven as I trailed my tongue over to his other mounded pec and savoured the soft skin. This time I opened my mouth to take in a sizeable chunk of breast flesh and bit into the soft meat. This I repeated several times, Nick moaning each time with the pleasure.

"God you're beautiful," I gasped. "I just love your breasts".

Reaching down to his shorts I released the buttons holding them in place and roughly hauled them over his super thick thighs. Nick wasn't wearing underwear and his short but very thick cock sprang to attention and slapped against his soft belly skin. It twitched uncontrollably begging for my hand to grasp it, but it would have to wait. My cock again was rock hard and begging for release.

"Roll over on to your stomach," I ordered. "I want to see that bubble butt of yours."

Nick dutifully complied, his big muscles shuddering as he rolled over. His gorgeous butt, the size and shape of two perfectly round rock melons came into view. I gave his muscle butt a playful swat with my hand and then untied his hands, allowing his arms to fall by his sides. I then lay my body down the full length of his beautifully muscled torso to feel as much of my skin touching his as possible, and started to move my hands slowly up and down his incredible shoulders and arms, feeling up the bulky sculpted muscles. My hips were lewdly gyrating, my cock wedged firmly between his deep butt cheeks leaking its juices. His hips and butt moving in time to mine.

I slowly brought my hands to his sides and stroked his heavy v-shaped lats, and then moved them under his heavy chest until they were covering his stupendous man-tits. I began stroking and kneading his meaty pecs while my cock ploughed the crevice between his soft but muscled ass cheeks. My fucking tempo increased steadily and so did the grip on his huge muscle tits, the flesh beginning to ooze through my fingers.

"Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h", I cried as I spurted cum for the second time, the juice puddling in the small of Nick's back. I continued squeezing Nick's breasts long after my orgasm had subsided marveling their fullness and weight. Finally I sat up and rolled Nick over to find a puddle of cum under his tummy.

"Well now, it looks like you've had your fun, doesn't it", as I gathered his cum in my fingers and proceeded to rub it over his bulging tit muscles.

"Time we got cleaned up stud," I said moving to the bathroom. "I've got plans for you and time's a wasting.


Nick came out of his bedroom to where I waited for him in the kitchen. He'd changed his gear and was now wearing an oversized loose fitting long sleeved shirt, tucked into a pair of baggy jeans.

"Hey, what gives," I said to him pointing at the baggy and unflattering shirt and trousers. "You're a stud. My stud. From now on I'll tell you what you can wear."

With that we both returned to Nick's bedroom and I quickly found and tossed him the smallest and tightest looking pair of shorts I could find in his drawers.

"And you wont be needing this for a while," I said, roughly gripping his oversized shirt and pulling it over his head. "From now on when you're with me you go topless, understand?"

"But ,but, people will stare and make fun of my tits," he groaned.

"I told you they're just envious." I said, moving in close to his body and grasping the full-blown tit muscles in my hands and caressing them lovingly. "I wouldn't let anyone make fun of you." With that I put my arms around his broad back and hugged him tight to me, feeling his thick mounded pecs pushing against my not insignificant chest. "You're mine, remember?"

As we headed out the front door it occurred to me I had no other plan in mind than to be out in public with Nick, and watch the stares and listen to the comments made by passer bys. You can imagine Nick made a pretty extraordinary sight in just a pair of tight shorts, his big built smooth hairless chest thrust forward and bouncing with his every step. I decided to head to the shopping centre to buy a drink, and to show off Nick's best assets.

We hadn't got more than halfway along the bike path which followed the creek at the back of Nick's street than I saw approaching us along the path, four very rough looking skin head type guys dressed in dirty looking T-shirts and jeans. They looked to be in their late twenties, all pretty skinny and unattractive with unkempt hair and three days growth of stubble. Two of the guys carried chains, which dragged clanking along the ground, the other two carried baseball bats over their narrow shoulders. As we came up to them on the path they made no attempt to make way for us to pass. My heart was really pounding in my chest with me thinking these guys were up to no good, but I was also excited by the possibilities.

The ugliest one of all spoke up first and as he opened his mouth I noticed three of his front teeth were missing adding to his ugliness.

"Well, well what have we got here." His eyes travelled up the length of our bodies from head to toe and came to rest on Nick's incredible chest. In fact all their eyes were staring greedily at the sight before them. "Hey guys, cop a look at the build on this kid." said the ugly one. "I've never seen tits this big on a guy before," said his mate. "Yeah, they can't be real man."

"Hey, let us pass guys," I said with a shaky voice.

"Not so fast," said the ugly guy, giving Nick's huge hanging pecs a shove with his hands, his fingers sinking into Nick's ample chest flesh. "We mean to have us some fun first."

With that the two guys with chains swung them over our heads before we could react and started wrapping them round our torsos, trapping our arms by our sides. They pushed me to the ground in a helpless heap, unable to move my legs or arms. I gazed on in excitement as all four of them surrounded the equally helpless Nick. I noticed the chain wrapped round Nick had been wound round Nick's trim waist, leaving his big boy breasts exposed and unencumbered. Nick tried to hobble out of their reach but couldn't, his heaving round pecs bouncing up and down with his movement.

"Look at the size of these mothers," one said, reaching out gripping hold of Nick's oversized rich brown silver dollar sized nipples.

He held them between his thumb and index finger rolling the thick nubs between his long thin fingers. He proceeded to pull them up and away from Nick's breasts, obviously getting turned on by the discomfort and yet excitement Nick was showing on his face. When they were pulled several inches from Nick's already bulging chest, he started to shake the nipples up and down. This produced the most amazing tremors in Nick's surrounding tit flesh and really turned on the mean looking dudes, their dicks beginning to bulge massively at the front of their puny looking hips.

Nick tensed his huge muscles in an attempt to loosen the chain's hold on his arms but to no avail. If anything the chains tightened around his waist as his arms and shoulders pumped and bulged with the effort, his tit muscles bunching and relaxing time and again with the strain. The four guys moved in real close to him on all sides mesmerized by the awesome display of strength., their hands reaching out to feel up his sexy smooth torso and rub their bodies and rock hard cocks against his flesh. Hands were squeezing and grasping his pecs and biceps while others rubbed his ample arse and soft sensuous inner thighs finally undoing the zipper of his tight shorts to release his hot and hard cock. Nick was incredibly turned on by the man handling he was getting, his cock thick, rigid and throbbing now in the open air.

The men continued their horny assault on Nick's hot and now sweaty torso, their tongues licking his neck, face and earlobes, sucking on his neck leaving little love bruises on his flesh where they had sucked for too hard and too long.. Nick had now completely relaxed and resigned himself to enjoy whatever was going to befall him. Two of the guys had moved steadily down from his neck and were licking and slurping all over his bulging breasts and finally locking onto and nursing on each plump nipple. The other two guys stepped back and removed their T-shirts and exposed their skinny, puny looking upper bodies. It was quite apparent neither of them had been near a gym in years, if ever.

They pulled the other two guys from Nick's chest and one said, "It's time to see just how much punishment this guy's chest can take." He moved his hand to Nick's overdeveloped right pec and appraised its weight by lifting it high on Nick's chest and letting it flop back down to its natural relaxed position.

"It almost seems unnatural for a guy to have tits this big and round," he said looking at his own and his buddy's totally flat chests then back to Nick's highly contoured torso. "I bet he plays with them a lot, and lets his mate massage them for him. Is that right dude?" he said, curling his thin fingers into fists and slowing pushing them against the huge pectoral mounds in front of him. "Yeah, I bet that's right."

He began a series of, at first, light punches to the thickest and fleshiest part of Nick's hanging boy breasts. Nick tensing the huge muscles to take the punishment.

"Relax them, tit boy," he ordered. "I want to see the flesh shake and I want to feel my fist deep in the muscles. Do you understand?"

Nick didn't need to give a verbal response. He relaxed his tit muscles and the assault resumed, this time flesh tremors rippled all over Nick's upper torso as the blows rained on him. This was a huge turn on for the guys and each took it in turns to give Nick's big tits a work over, while the others stroked their cocks. Pretty soon the excitement of the situation was too much, and as they neared climax, they halted the assault on Nick's exhausted body, and lay him down at their feet, and resumed their beating off. Ten seconds at the most was all that was required before thick spurts of creamy cum started to splatter over Nick's red and swollen looking breasts.

With their dicks spent the skinheads became aware of the need to get moving before someone might happen across the scene. They quickly zipped their trousers, put on their T-shirts, and while two of them stood over Nick and I with baseball bats at the ready, the other two removed the heavy chains.

"That was great fun guys," one of them yelled as they began to run off down the path, leaving Nick and I to pull ourselves together. I decided that after that experience we might leave our visit to the shopping centre till later and so we wandered slowly back to Nick's place, me with my arm around his waist to support him, both of us still in a highly aroused state..


Nick was still pretty weak so I decided to help him have a shower and clean up. Both of us sported enormous erections as we entered the shower and bath recess, both looking for release of our sexual energy. I started by soaping down Nick's broad v-shaped back, loving the feel of the soft texture of his golden brown skin. I worked my way down to the small of his back and the sudden flare of creamy soft buttock flesh, which jutted out like soft pillows from his narrow hips. I paid particular attention to soaping up the crevice between his chunky cheeks, the soap and my hand almost disappearing completely with the depth of muscular boy butt.

Nick seemed to be enjoying my attention to this part as well because he pressed his buttocks against my lathering and massaging hands. I then proceeded to soap up his thick flared thighs, the skin here also soft and creamy and work myself around to lather the soft flesh of his inner thighs. I couldn't help but notice Nick's thick cock was standing to attention, his plump teenage balls nestling at the base, and surrounded by a lush patch of black hair. My soapy hands grasped his rigid dick and proceeded to soap it up thoroughly. Nick thrust his hips forward in an attempt to use my hands as a fuck chute. I knelt down at his feet to get more comfortable and after washing the soap from his cock opened my mouth wide to take in as much of it as possible.

This was proving difficult given the girth of it so I was happy to suck on the enormous flared head and first couple of inches. Nick's hands were holding onto my head while his hips hunched forward. I was trying to see his face from below but his oversized pecs were so deep and thick they formed a shelf jutting out from his ribcage which obscured any view beyond. My attention was drawn back to his immense breast-like pecs with the deep cleavage between. Both his silver dollar sized nipples were pointing directly at me, stretched to their full size with the weight of muscle above them. They looked at this moment incredibly suckable, with the water cascading over them. The kneeling position was becoming uncomfortable so I released Nick's cock, stood and motioned Nick to sit on the edge of the bath so I could get into a good position behind him to lather up his thick upper torso. Nick's broad shoulders hunched over, his huge arms relaxed at his sides.

With the soap in my hand I reached down and ran the soap over the twin pleasure domes of his mighty chest, the skin soft and smooth as silk. After making a thick soapy lather, I put down the soap and with my two hands began a slow and sensuous massage of Nick's ample breast flesh. The sheer weight and density of relaxed muscle amazed and excited me. With a breast cupped in each hand I began a sexy juggling game, hefting each thick pec one at a time as if juggling a pair of rock melons. The big pecs flapped madly in my hands, producing an incredibly sexy feeling. I moved round to Nick's front, my seven-inch rock hard cock at his tit level. I brought the head up to one of his nipples and pressed my piss slit over his erect nubbin.

With the slit securely over the nubbin I proceeded to nipple fuck him. This was easy with tits the size and depth of Nick's, as I was able to thrust firmly with my cock, which buried several inches into plump breast flesh. I was incredibly turned on by this action and moved over to his other pec to repeat the procedure. After several minutes of nipple fucking I stopped and holding my stiff cock in my hand began to whack his teenaged breasts with it, amazed at the movement I was able to generate in his pec flesh. I came in about ten whacks flat and spewed gism over each bulging breast. Nick's hand had been busy stroking his beer can thick.

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